Frequently Asked Questions

There aren’t many lead services around, and there aren’t any that specialize in our service areas. We often get questions from leads, contractors, and public agencies about our service. We’re here to help, so we’ve answered some of the ones we’ve answered most often below. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

Visit our subscribe page and sign up. For clients using a credit card, access is immediate.

We offer monthly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

Given a choice we wouldn’t. We’re required under New York State Law to collect and remit sales tax as BEST PROJECT DATA, like all other SaaS products, is now considered to be a tangible item we license to you to use. Feel free to direct your questions to the folks in Albany or your local assembly representative or state senator.

Yes. Depending on the service areas chosen and the length of the subscription, there is a 10-35% discount. Please contact our sales department for a personalized quote.

We allow up to 4 users per account. After 4, we charge for additional users.

Yes. Please contact our sales department for pricing.

For each service area, we strive to check every government agency that offers anything even remotely construction related for public bid. We list the agencies on our service area page.

We’re constantly searching for new jobs from public and private sources. We usually update the site once during the middle of the day, and once at the end of the business day. An e-mail is sent to users at the end of the day highlighting the jobs that were added, updated, or closed out.

While there are projects that are in the “Discussion” stage, and we mark those jobs as such so managers know that this project hasn’t taken off yet, but they’re free to reach out to the listed parties to network and discuss options. For all other private jobs, there’s usually some regulatory element that we observed that allows us to list the job with confidence. Most developers and GCs aren’t seeking plan approvals or pulling permits for jobs that they don’t intend on working.

Of course! Please contact our data team to get started.

Yes, and we can restrict access to your invited list, if necessary. Contact our Data Team for assistance.

Each project has a list of “interested parties”. You can add your name and desired work types to the list and it will be shown to all planholders who use our system. You can also use the contact information we provide to reach out the planholders on the list.

We publish the name of the winning bid when it’s available. For all listed planholders and interested parties on the project, we send an e-mail with the winning bid information.

We’re happy to help. We can set up your profile to debit your checking account each month for monthly subscriptions, and at each renewal period for semi-annual and annual subscriptions.

We can also send you an invoice and you can pay by check. Monthly customers that pay by check must pay in 3-month increments.

While we are not (directly) in the bid-writing business, we do work with writers and other professionals who can help your proposal. Contact us and we’ll help in.

Of course! From cleaning up Powerpoint presentations to building out full marketing automation systems, we’re happy to help your company look great and capture more business. Contact us and someone will reach out to you right away!

Architects and Professional Engineers who are looking for design work.

General Contractors, Construction Management Companies, and Development Companies that bid on public and private projects.

Specialty Contractors (Electrical, Plumbing, Masonry, Elevators, Roofing, etc.) who bid on public and private jobs or are looking to bid-in with GCs who are bidding public and private jobs. Or JV with other specialty contractors to bid the job.

Material Suppliers (Electrical, Concrete, Plumbing, Fill, etc.) who are looking to sell their products to GCs and specialty contractors.

Insurance Companies looking to sell performance and surety bonds to bid-winners.

Bankers looking to provide financing for public and private work.

Attorneys looking to help contractors.