The BEST Value

How our subscription rates save you money:

Sure, you can hire a person to sit at a desk on a computer you provide to collect all of this information for you – but at what cost and what value to you?  At the upstate minimum wage ($11.80) you could spend 10 minutes working on each of the sites we check for the Hudson Valley (over 400) and not be able to get to them in a 40-hour week.  Even with that in mind, a researcher with all the tools and a database to collect it all would cost you close to $25,000 a year before taxes and benefits… and doesn’t consider all of your fixed costs (computer, desk, coffee, etc.)  A yearly subscription to BEST would be one-tenth that cost and you’d get all the benefits that come along with the subscription.


Westchester / LI


Rest of NY (non-NYC)

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BEST Savings




Yearly cost savings based on annual subscription cost for the Hudson Valley as of 7/1/2020.  Minimum wages based on laws in effect on 7/1/2020.

We take a job (where finding someone competent at minimum wage is like finding a diamond in the rough) and all their overhead, and convert it into a line-item on your credit card statement.  The question is how much you stand to gain by making a simple investment into your project pipeline.